Temporary DIY Windshield Repair

We often get questions from friends and followers about what to do if you crack a windshield while on the road. Or when you simply don’t have time for a repair in the case of a minor crack.


The most important thing you will want to do in these situations is to stop the crack from spreading. Eventually, it will become important to see an auto glass specialist for a more permanent solution. But when in a crunch, there is a way for you to temporarily hold the crack in place or prevent it from getting worse.

The best product most our team personally uses, and have even included in our emergency repair kits is the RainX Windshield Repair Kit. (Which, remember, you should always carry your own emergency kit in your trunk! Refer back our post on emergency repair kits for more information on this).

RainX Windshield Repair

The resin that comes with the kit is easy to apply, but you must be careful as it is very sticky and can create a mess if you’re not careful. After carefully applying it into the crack, you allow for it to dry and then scrape it off with a small razor. Once you finish the job, which takes about an hour, the crack will likely still be visible. However, the important part is that it will now be held into place.

Please keep in mind that this is still only a temporary fix. With this in mind, it’s important to get your car into a trusted auto glass specialist as quickly as possible. (If you need a good point of reference, you can always refer to the Auto Glass Safety Council’s website as they are constantly updating with safety news and tips). The most common problem people find with long-term DIY windshield repairs is that in extreme heat or during times of drastic temperature changes, the resin used to hold the crack in place will expand and contract. This eventually winds up worsening the crack. So while the resin may hold for up to several months, it could eventually cause for even worse problems if left alone for too long. But for short term situations, this is a great way to go.