C.A. Rejects VW Recall Plan – Germany Accepts

Back in January, the California Air Resources Board officially rejected Volkswagen proposed recall. The plan was created in response to the 11 million diesel cars world wide (600,000 in the United States alone), which were all secretly fitted with illegal software that cheated emissions testing.

Upon review, the federal Environmental Protection Agency also rejected VW’s plan as well, which you can read in their published news release. Both parties agreed that VW’s proposals “are incomplete, substantially deficient, and fall far short of meeting the legal requirements.”

However, Germany has made a different decision. Authorities in Berlin are allowing VW to recall thousands of the cars containing these emissions cheating devices. Volkswagen can officially begin to recall and refit their 2.0 liter Amarok models containing a device.


VW is already potentially facing billions of dollars in law suits just in the United States. We’ll stay posted on what their future holds.